At the Office

Do you realize how many hours are wasted by your team every week?

Have you ever considered how much time is wasted each week on…

Entering interchangeable information across various software and apps?

Scheduling meetings that accommodate everyone?

Trying to find relevant, non-copyrighted images for presentations or editing text without ruining the entire page’s alignment?

These are just some frustrating examples causing your team to sacrifice time efficiency. These mundane, often annoying tasks lower assignment focus and productivity.

Use the best tools for the best job.


My name is Ron Kulik and I lead safemode IT , a local IT support and data security company. As the leader, I know what a difference it makes utilizing the right tools to make jobs easier.


If you're already using Microsoft 365, hundreds of apps are available to give you the power to overcome these cost effective issues. Figuring out the right selection for your business is the biggest challenge.

Local businesses are invited to take advantage of our limited time offer, giving a complete analysis of how to save time and boost productivity.

My team of specialists will discuss various aspects of your business and the way you operate. They will examine the apps and software that you’re currently using and the way you’re using them.

We then suggest appropriate apps and software that will save time by simplifying your processes because, as we all know, time is money.


We’ll do this with no charge. It’s our investment in starting a potential future working relationship with you.

We start with a quick video call to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Easily arrange this consultation by selecting an appointment on my live calendar below.

Choosing an appointment does not obligate you to purchase our services. Our team is ready to help whenever the timing is right.

We’re not talking about coffee breaks and water cooler chit chat.