We Protect Every Aspect Of Your Network

Can your business survive a Ransomware attack or data breach?

In the cyber world, we live in today, having just antivirus protection on your computer and a simple firewall on your network is no longer enough.  With 350000 new strains of malware introduced each day, computer and networks now require multiple layers of protection.

Thankfully, there are several things SMBs can do today to get more from even the most limited security budget. And, no, we aren’t talking about cutting corners. Far too often, SMBs cut the wrong corners and it ends up costing them more money in the long run. It’s a matter of taking a smarter approach to security.

Six layers Of Cyber Security

Site Protection

 Your Office Internet is protected from inbound cyber attacks and breaches.

Endpoint Protection

All your office computers are protected with antivirus, malware protection, and security patches..

Internet Protection

 Your office web traffic is protected from malware attacks, content filtering, and ransomware encryption.

Cloud Backup

 Moving your critical data offsite and into the cloud will ensure business continuity in the event of data loss. 

Email Protection

Your office email is protected from phishing attacks,  SPAM and malware.

End User Training

Your employees are educated on how to spot scam emails and other malicious web sites.

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RMK Consulting, LLC provides exceptional IT Support Services, Managed IT Services, Cloud Computing Solutions and Phone Systems to businesses across Texas. Our Managed IT Services are designed to Manage and Protect your IT systems so you can focus on your business.



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