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What threatens small business the most

There are many threats to the integrity of a small business, and not all of them are as dramatic as a #cyberattack, a power outage due to a grid failure or a hurricane. External threats are the ones that get the most attention.These can be big snow storms or hurricanes that bring down power lines and network connections.

They can also be man-made. A power outage due to a grid failure, for example. These are the type of big events make the evening news, and every business needs to plan how to handle them. However, there are some internal threats that can be just as serious, but are far less attention getting. For example, human error. Stolen data can occur because someone forgot to change their #passcode, or they left a #smartphone containing critical data on the bus. Have you looked at how you might wipe clean a lost phone? What about the person who forgot to do a backup the day before a server failed?

Human error isn’t news making, but it is a serious threat to every business. There are training efforts that can go a long way to helping employees learn how to handle passcodes, identify phishing scams, and be on the lookout for security threats. Talk to a Managed Service Provider about developing protocols to protect employee- or company- owned devices that are lost or stolen. These steps can go a long way to protecting your data from human error.

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