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Ransomware: Why it’s a really big problem for small businesses

Too many small and medium-sized businesses think they’re not going to be targeted by ransomware. They’re wrong.

The ransomware threat has massively exploded in the last year, growing from an inconvenience to something which could potentially put you out of business.

Police encourage organisations which fall victim to this file-encrypting malicious software not to give into the demands of cybercriminals, but many will — if reluctantly– pay the Bitcoin ransom demanded in order to restore their networks, and this proves lucrative for those operating the schemes.

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One of the most high-profile instances of a ransomware infection came when the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center become infected with Locky, taking systems offline and causing disruptions to patient treatment until the hospital paid hackers a $17,000 ransom in order to restore its network.

With ransomware robbing victims of an estimated $1 billion in 2016, it might be easy to think that culprits are making their illicit fortunes by targeting big businesses.

But they’re not the only targets. Small and medium-sized businesses are also vulnerable to these criminal schemes, even if many still underestimate the potential threat of ransomware, falsely believing that they’re too small to be targeted.

Because these smaller businesses have less to spend on cybersecurity software and staff training, it means that if anything they’re more likely to be targeted, as nefarious cyber attackers view them as easy prey.

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