• Ron Kulik

Kmart hit with a ransomware cyber attack (again x3)

No disrespect to the retail world, but up until a few days ago, I had no idea that #kmart was still in business. I mean how many bankruptcies can one business have? Be that as it may, on December 5th Kmart, the struggling retailer, was hit with a ransomware attack from the #Egregor group. A relatively new group that began encrypting victims in September of 2020. Yup #2020 has sucked.

Vancouver Metro Disrupted by Egregor Ransomware

For those of you at home keeping score this marks the third time in 6 years that Kmart (parent Company TransformCO) has been hit with a cybersecurity attack. This time the attack seemed to effect only the back office operations of their network and has taken down their internal HR site 88sears.com. As of this date there is no word if any customer data was stolen or credit card information compromised. At this time all 34 Kmart stores are operational.

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