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How to Keep Alexa from Announcing Your Christmas Purchases

Christmas is near, and you’ve done your gift shopping online. In the United States alone, Cyber Monday 2019 was deemed the biggest online shopping day in history. The online record sales hit $9.4 billion. This year, over 69% of shoppers plan to shop online for the holidays. More than 50% of shoppers tried different shopping services this year in a survey, about one in ten. 70% of shoppers claimed they would buy from new retailers instead of big companies to support local and small businesses.

Christmas shopping online is the new normal. However, there is something that ruins the surprise every single time....your favorite virtual assistant Alexa.

Alexa reports Amazon purchases that are about to be delivered or to be delivered. It will also tell the contents of the package. However, there is a way for you to save Christmas and keep the gifts a secret.

Steps to Disable Alexa Notifications

● First, open the Alexa app on any compatible device.

● Then, click to direct to the settings.

● Proceed to the notifications tab.

● Proceed to the Amazon Shopping Tab.

● Look for the Section that allows Alexa to say the items you’ve ordered. It will show the titles of the packages there.

● In that section, uncheck the boxes labeled for items in delivery updates.

However, there is a problem with disabling Alexa from announcing Christmas purchases. You might not be notified or read the notification at the right time when they deliver the package.

But be aware, with the increase in shopping online, package theft is becoming more of a common occurrence. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, the U.S. Postal service projects 800 million deliveries. A survey in January reported that people report 1.7 million lost or stolen packages per day. With Alexa’s notification gone, you may be more vulnerable to package theft.

Check out next weeks post and see some tips to help protect your package from porch pirates

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