• Ron Kulik

Five ways to protect yourself from Ransomware

#Ransomware is a form of #malware designed to encrypt your data, software, or hold your entire PC hostage until you pay the attacker’s ransom to get it back. However, since you are dealing with criminals, there isn't any guarantee you will ever get your data back even if you meet their demands.

Here are five steps you can take right now to protect yourself from ransomware:

  1. Make sure you continue to keep your antivirus software up to date.

  2. Train employees on how to identify malicious emails or websites that expose their employers’ networks and infrastructures to malicious software.

  3. Backups are essential to restore your systems if you suffer a ransomware attack. Choose a backup solution that allows you restore to a point in time before the backup occurred.

  4. Keep all of your software programs updated. Software developers frequently patch vulnerabilities with new updates.

  5. Deploy a pop-up blocker that protects against browser hijacks, malware, and adware as well as blocking unwanted pop-ups. One example of this type of product is called AdwCleaner.

These simple tips work like the locks we put on our front doors. Just as you wouldn’t leave your home unlocked, you shouldn’t leave your data vulnerable to an attack.

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