Health Insurance Portability And Accountability (HIPAA)

HIPAA audits and fines are on the rise.   OCR has concluded an all-time record year in HIPAA enforcement activity.  In 2018, OCR settled 10 cases and secured one judgment, together totaling $28.7 million. This total surpassed the previous record of $23.5 million from 2016 by 22 percent. 


In addition, OCR also achieved the single largest individual HIPAA settlement in the history of $16 million with Anthem, Inc., representing a nearly three-fold increase over the previous record settlement of $5.5 million in 2016.

OCR is and will continue to do more and more Audits each year.

According to Healthcare IT News, OCR currently has more than 375 ongoing audits for 2019  and they are casting their net even wider as the months' progress.  Healthcare companies simply cannot afford to ignore HIPAA any longer. 

Don’t know where to start?  Confused by all the rules and regulations? 

SafeMode IT can help you with our HIPAA Compliance as a Service offering.  We will perform a Risk Assessment, the foundation of the HIPAA Security Rule, review the results with you and put a plan in place to resolve any security problems or non-compliant issues identified.  


Our service also includes videos for the required annual and new-hire employee HIPAA training.  We will help you create, and provide templates for, your HIPAA Privacy Manual that addresses the requirements of the HIPAA Privacy Rule, and much more.   In some instances, you may even qualify for $100,000 in financial protection.  



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